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Pattern Spider
6 April 1975
8th doctor, 9th doctor, adult fantasies, alien sex, amazons, androgyny, angelina jolie, annabeth gish, art, autumn, bass guitar, battlestar galactica, bdsm, beautuful women, beth orton, bisexuals, blue man group, blue skin, bondage, brad pitt, captain jack, cash, cats, catwoman, chiss, chocolate, clex, cuddles, daggers, dark elves, dark fantasy, dark jedi, decadence, digital manipulation, doctor who, dolcett, elves, emma frost, erotica, evanescence, exotic women, femme slash, femslash, fetish wear, friendship, gillian anderson, gina gershon, gorgeous girls, gothic grandeur, harry cunningham, hot wax, housewives at play, infusion, juno reactor, kisses, knives, lazy afternoons, leather, lesbians, light sabres, lord of the rings, lost, love, luscious lips, lust, machine sex, mangos, metamorphs, michael t weiss, mildred hubble, misfile, modern fantasy, money, monica bellucci, monica reyes, mystique, naomi watts, nudes, order of the stick, orgasm, paul mcgann, pointy ears, portishead, post-humanity, pretending, pretty boys, rachel summers, rain, roleplaying games, rough sex, sapphism, satin, scary go round, selina kyle, sensation, sensuality, seven of nine, sex toys, sexuality, shane, shape-changers, shoebox zoo, short hair, silk, slash, sophia miles, star wars, stargate sg-1, strawberries, stuffed toys, swords, technosex, telepaths, tentacles, the dark crystal, the naked earth, the pretender, the princess bride, the west wing, toys, trans-humanity, tribaldism, trills, true love, vampires, velvet, virtual sex, virtuality, willing submission, winter, xena, yuri